Breathe + Flow

Take a break from your busy day to focus on yourself. Breath + Flow is a vinyasa-style class designed to build strength, increase flexibility and challenge your body all while relaxing your mind and focusing on your breath.

Breathe, Flow + Sweat

Like our Breath + Flow class plus some sweat! This class is designed to get your heart rate up then ground you for the day ahead.

Restore + Flourish

Join us for this restorative yoga class where postures are held for several minutes with the support of props, such as bolsters, blankets and blocks. The combination of passive stretching, breathing techniques, and visualization will leave you feeling deeply nourished and refreshed for the week ahead.

Conscious Calisthenics

Start this class with a 10-minute warm up before utilizing your mind and body to get your blood flowing and heart racing. This functional, body-weight workout is designed to increase strength, flexibility and balance. (Max 6 people) 

Mobility Training

When people think of fitness mobility training might not jump to mind, but it’s a crucial component to any workout regime. This 45-minute Mobility Training will develop your range of motion and help you avoid injury, providing you with a well-rounded approach to fitness.